Intercultural Training

Are you planning a longer stay in Germany and would like to get prepared optimally? We offer a comprehensive training that attunes you to all cultural differences.

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Sharpen sensitivity for the particular character of the German-Israeli relationship 

Participants  Employees, who are eager to work in Germany for a period of time, or who are cooperating with partners, costumers, firms and entities in Germany
Duration1 1/2 days
Goals of the training
  • Obtain knowledge about Germany and specific challenges of the business manner
  • Feel confident regarding the cooperation with a German/Israeli partner
  • Sharpen sensitivity for the particular character of the German-Israeli relationship
Trainings Topics
  • Short presentation of the participants and the trainer; discussing expectations of the participants; presenting and aligning the objectives of the training
  • Presentation of the patterns of thought among the participants: similarities and differences, problems, judgments and prejudices ("What do we think about Germany/Israel and the typical life in this country? What do we know and what do we just think we know?")
  • Introduction to the history of Germany 
  • Overview of current economic and social developments
  • The relationship between Germany and Israel and potential difficulties 
  • Social norms and their background: Greeting manners, proper use of titles, importance of hierarchies, form of address 
  • Business etiquette: business manners, dress-code, nightlife 
  • Practical stage (Application of the newly obtained knowledge and skills)
  • Conclusive evaluation and discussion
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