Business & Innovation Trips

You want to get an overview of the German market? We organise business trips to Germany. In order to get to know the German ecosystem in the shortest possible time, we put together tailor-made programmes that include all relevant players, taking your business activities into account.

What to expect

Our delegation trips offer entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to delve into the potential of the target market firsthand and establish crucial initial business connections. Within these trips, the AHK orchestrates briefings and networking events, providing you with valuable insights into companies' operations and production conditions through factory visits and discussions with representatives. Leveraging our extensive collaboration with government authorities, the AHK facilitates meetings with decision-makers in ministries and other institutions. Our experienced staff ensures you receive organizational, language, and cultural support.

Each delegation trip is meticulously tailored to the specific needs of the companies involved. Our programs include preparatory seminars, coordination of hotels and logistics, comprehensive market briefings about the target country, and presentations by representatives from the business and political spheres to immerse you in the local culture. Workshops, individual B2B meetings, cooperation exchanges, and factory visits are integral components of our programs.

Embark on our delegation trips to uncover fresh business prospects. Take advantage of our expertise and valuable contacts as we serve as your bridge to successful ventures in the market. We eagerly anticipate accompanying you on your business journey, providing optimal support every step of the way.

Quick Overview of Our Individual Services:

  • Customized program tailored to the companies' needs
  • Preparatory seminar (virtually or on site)
  • Hotel and logistics organization
  • Briefing about the target country's market
  • Presentations by representatives from the business and political spheres; cultural insights
  • Workshops
  • Organization of individual B2B meetings or a cooperation exchange
  • Factory visits
  • Guidance by experienced AHK staff throughout the entire program


The potential of Israel as an innovation hub has been widely acknowledged by numerous large corporations. More than 320 multinational companies have established local development and research centers in Israel, including prominent German enterprises such as Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, SAP, and Daimler. Despite this, there are significant opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to engage with Israeli innovation.

The collaboration between German SMEs and the Start-Up Nation is still in its early stages, yet it presents substantial synergistic potential for both parties. While SMEs are known for their innovative spirit, they have not extensively explored international innovation opportunities. Importantly, networking with Israel is cost-effective for German companies, as Israel provides support for innovation processes through a central R&D subsidy, streamlining bureaucratic processes and reducing costs. Furthermore, there is a wealth of specialized Israeli startups, particularly in sectors relevant to SMEs such as automotive, cybersecurity, renewable energy, electronics, and industry 4.0, keen on collaborating with German SMEs.

The economic structures and cultural nuances of the two countries may seem vastly different. The Israeli entrepreneurial spirit encounters German meticulousness; in conferences, casual attire intersects with formal suits, and Israeli flexibility blends with German long-term planning. However, a closer examination reveals that these differences complement each other successfully. Moreover, Israelis and Germans share fundamental aspects of business culture, valuing openness, directness, and pragmatism.