A central location in the heart of Europe, the Free State of Thuringia is an outstanding business location with highly developed industry clusters and outstanding infrastructure.

© Usplash / Mark Fuller

Thuringia as a Business Location

The state’s economy is characterized by a diverse mix of industries, ranging from food to automotive and to high-tech industries such as biotechnology and opto-electronics. The steadily growing service sector and an efficient craft sector represent further powerful pillars of Thuringia’s economy.

Thuringia has always prided itself on its pioneering spirit and on generating innovations that have the power to change the world. The vibrant R&D environment boasts 9 universities and technical colleges, 14 institutes of the Fraunhofer, Leibniz, Max-Planck, Helmholz Associations, as well as 8 business-related research institutes, who all work in close cooperation with the industrial sector. One particularly impressive example of this proactive collaboration between science and industry can be found in the optoelectronic industries.

For enterprises looking for interdisciplinary collaboration with innovative partners, Thuringia is bursting with opportunities to make valuable connections.

Thuringia and Israel

For many years, Thuringia and Israel cultivate outstanding economic relations based on a dynamic partnership and frequent exchanges of delegations.

Assistance for Thuringian companies the Israeli market

The State Development Agency of Thuringia (LEG Thüringen) is actively represented in Israel by an innovation ambassador whose mission it is to connect Thuringian and Israeli companies and to provide both sides with all necessary practical information in order to cooperate smoothly and efficiently.