Legal Services & Taxes

AHK Israel advises you in all commercial and tax matters on national specifics and helps you to overcome language barriers.

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Legal Advice

In cooperation with the legal companies that are members of the Chamber, we offer you comprehensive legal advice. Our members are specialized in different legal subjects, so you can always encounter the appropriate one for your concern. The German-Israeli Chamber of Industry & Commerce works as an agent between you as a client and the corresponding consultant. Although not giving concrete legal advice with liabilities itself, the Chamber stays your contact person, whichever issue you may deal with. To facilitate communication, legal services are provided both in German and English, depending on your very individual requirements.


Unfortunately it is not an uncommon occurrence that a client is delayed in paying an invoice, or does not make a payment at all. For these reasons, the AHK Israel has successfully aided companies in the collection of due notices from defaulting debtors for many years.

There is a wide-variety of reasons for why companies default on a payment. In many cases misunderstandings such as an incorrect contact person or language difficulties are the cause for non-payment. In other cases, the distance is to blame. Some debtors believe that they are not within the reach of creditors and therefore released from their financial obligations. It can be proven that this is not the case through the numerous cases we have closed in the past years.

The efforts of the chamber are based on an out-of-court settlement of debt cases, which present a cost-effect method for companies to collect payment. Lawsuits are quite costly for a variety of reasons and even with a successful verdict, the plaintiff is often responsible for these costs. Our experience has shown that lawsuits are worthwhile only once the claim has reached a sum of $40,000 or more.

An Overview of Your Advantages:

  • We offer a professional and objective mediation between the debtor and the creditor.
  • We are located in Israel, which often creates more pressure than collection letters and collection efforts from Germany.
  • As a Chamber of Commerce we take on a objective mediation role, which resolve potential misunderstandings between the parties involved.
  • Our professional staff utilise their knowledge of German and Israeli business culture to efficiently handle your case.
  • In addition to a low base fee, commissions are required only in successful collection cases.

Credit Check

We can offer our clients credit information in the form of a company profile of your business partner, so that you can review their credit history and reliability.