Founding a Company in Germany

Consulting on Company Establishment

Establishing a business in Germany offers you many benefits. You can operate directly on the German market, you can be found easily and, as a local company, might be regarded as more reliable by your German business partners. However, setting up a business is a bureaucratic challenge. Therefore, we and our partners in Germany offer you competent in-depth support and advice for your endeavor.

Our experienced team will handle the bureaucracy involved in setting up a business in Germany and pave the way for a successful start:

  • We check if you can use the name you have in mind
  • We set up the by-laws
  • We organize the meeting with a notary
  • We coordinate the opening of a company account
  • We register your company
  • We prepare a tax administration registration form 

Thus, you can focus on a swift and smooth start of your business. See information below.

Establishing a business

Get comprehensive consultancy services on the most important German business forms and the best choice for you. We work in close cooperation with German law experts and notaries.

  • For general questions about setting up a business in Germany, click here
  • The company form "Ltd." in Israel is equivalent to the "GmbH" in Germany. Find out more about it here 
  • The simplified form of the GmbH is an entrepreneurial company with limited liability (Unternehmergesellschaft, UG) that requires less capital and is easy to establish. More information can be found here
  • For more information on the establishment of a holding company in Germany, click here

Found your business in Germany now: Online

Found your own business anywhere in Germany with the help of a reliable service. For a simple and affordable price, you will be supported by German notaries, lawyers and tax advisors at each step of the way. 

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Open a bank account

Do you encounter difficulties in opening a bank account in Germany or inquiring on the solvency of your German business partners? AHK will help solve your problem.

Sending employees to Germany

Do you want to send employees to Germany for a project or to your company there? We can provide you with advice on labor and tax inquiries to ensure that you can fully focus on your project. 

Office services

You want to approach your German customers but have not established a company in Germany yet and don't have an address and telephone number there? 

In cooperation with our German partners, we will create a postal address for you in Germany, receive phone calls and forward mail to you. Upon request, we also provide German-speaking staff.