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As the official representative of the German economy, AHK Israel serves to maintain and improve bilateral trade relations and investments between Israel and Germany.

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AHK Israel is officially registered as the 'German-Israeli Chamber of Industry & Commerce'. It was founded in 1967 and is a business-to-business organisation of numerous Israeli and German member firms. The Chamber's commercial services help an array of companies each year to start and expand their export activities by providing business contacts, information and advice. 

The German-Israeli Chamber of Commerce stands for quality. Our employees are our most important asset. We offer subject-specific expert knowledge in combination with the Israeli-German language and cultural competence. We offer tailor-made support - from the first information to the daily support in your current business. We continue to evolve through critical internal discussions and continuous engagement with our members and customers. The aim of AHK Israel is to promote German-Israeli trade and to represent the interests of its members. We work hard for your success!

AHKs are closely connected to the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHKs) in Germany. Together, they support German companies with establishing and extending their business relations to foreign countries. The umbrella organisation of the IHKs is the German Association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), which also coordinates and supports the AHKs. Furthermore, cooperation with various German trade associations strengthens the link between AHKs, businesses and markets. The German-Israeli Chamber of Industry & Commerce is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in accordance with a Resolution of the German Parliament.

In 130 locations and 90 countries around the world, members of the German Chamber Network (AHKs) offer their experience, connections and services to German and foreign companies. AHKs are located in all countries which are of special interest for German companies. You can find a list of all AHKs here