Benefitax becomes member of the German-Israeli Chamber of Industry & Commerce

"After my extended stay in Israel in February and meeting with some of our clients in the region, we also visited Mr. Grisha Alroi-Arloser and Mr. Michel Weinberg from the German-Israeli Chamber of Industry & Commerce, or short "AHK Israel" in Tel Aviv. Since we are very interested to serve more clients from the region, especially if they plan or already have a subsidiary or branch in Germany and need financial compliance and tax advice services, we thought it made sense to become a member of AHK Israel. We are looking forward to a long a good cooperation with them."

"Our typical client from Israel is doing cross-border business and often listed at the US NASDAQ. They are often technology companies with fantastic products and grow very fast. They often use Benefitax as a one-stop-shop for their German entity. We provide all kinds of financial compliance work to them and answer also difficult tax related questions. Some of them also ask for help with transfer prices and documentation of those in Germany."

Oliver Biernat, Managing Director of Benefitax