EYE Global

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global, short EYE Global is an exchange program which gives experienced entrepreneurs the opportunity to collaborate with new or aspiring entrepreneurs from the European Union and the UK. It is based on the popular Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, which has been running in the EU since 2009 and has matched almost 20.000 entrepreneurs in 10.000 exchanges. The program has now been extended to several countries outside Europe: US, Canada, Singapore and Israel.

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As a host entrepreneur you can gain a fresh and diverse perspective on your business while also profiting from the skills and motivation of an aspiring new entrepreneur. You can get a better understanding of the new entrepreneur’s home country market and have the opportunity to cooperate with foreign partners.

The exchange between the two entrepreneurs is hence a win-win collaboration. Within EYE Global, collaboration between the two entrepreneurs takes place during a 1-3 month stay with the experienced host entrepreneur.

If you are an entrepreneur based in Israel and interested in hosting a new entrepreneur, please contact us!