Innovation Trips

In order to get to know the Israeli ecosystem, AHK Israel offers individual innovation trips for German corporates. We put together tailor-made programs that involve all relevant players in the startup ecosystem.

Innovation Trips

The potential of Israel as a source of innovation has been recognized by many large companies. Over 320 multinationals operate local development and research centers in Israel. These include big German companies such as Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, SAP and Daimler. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) also have great opportunities in linking up with Israeli innovations.

The cooperation between German SMEs and the Start Up Nation Israel is still in the beginning, but offers enormous synergetic potential for both sides. Even though SMEs are characterized by their willingness to innovate, they rarely have resorted to international innovation offers so far. At the same time, networking with Israel is very cost-effective for German companies, as Israel supports, among other things, innovation processes on the company side by means of a central R & D subsidy, thereby shortening the bureaucratic paths and costs. In addition, there is a large number of specialized Israeli start-ups, especially in the areas relevant to SMEs, such as automotive, cyber security, renewable energy, electronics and industry 4.0. In turn, they are very interested in cooperating with German SMEs.

The economic structures and cultural peculiarities of the two countries could not be more different. The Israeli entrepreneurial spirit meets German safety thinking, in conferences jeans and T-shirt meet elegant suits and Israeli flexibility and improvisation skills meet long-term German planning. However, these opposites successfully complement each other on closer inspection. And on the other hand, Israelis and Germans are very similar in many basic areas of business culture. Both appreciate openness, directness and pragmatism.

In order to get to know the Israeli ecosystem in the shortest possible time, we offer individual innovation trips for German companies. The German Israeli Chamber of Industry & Commerce compiles individually tailored programs in which all relevant actors of the startup ecosystem are involved. This is a great opportunity to connect Israeli & German startups or mature companies that complement each other. Please contact us any time to learn about the upcoming trips.