Mega Topics

Renewable Energy

In view of rising energy prices and the challenges posed by climate change, renewable energy will play a significant role in the energy mix of the future. (more)

Export Initiative Energy Efficiency

In times of scarce fossil fuel resources and continually rising energy prices, economic prosperity and competitiveness depend more than ever on the ability to use energy more efficiently. (more)


Life Sciences

Israel and Germany stand before similar challenges in the field of rising health expenses and an aging population. The German-Israeli Life Sciences Committee (GILSC) supports the establishment of partnerships and common programs of the Life Sciences Industries of both countries, in order to encounter these challenges together". - Dr. Simone Botti, Chairman of the GILSC (more)

Export Initiative for the German Health Care Industry

“With an economic achievement of circa 10% of the GDP and more than 5 Million work places, the German health care industry has long reached a top position among the various German industry sectors. It has the potential to become the leading sector, even if a number of positions of points are required,” stated by Minister of Economics, Rainer Brüderle, during the announcement of the Export Initiative. In the future, the foreign trade experts at Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) will train special expertise in the field of the health care industry. The goal is that the health care industry will continue to play in the big league in the future. (more)