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Gal Oger & Co C.P.A (ISR.)

Gal Oger & Co. c.p.a (ISR) , an accountants and auditors firm, focuses on providing services for foreign companies seeking to have any kind of presence (including preparations for future activities) in Israel.

We are honored to provide and support the following services:

1.           Administration, financial control & controller services: providing a one stop-shop service, aiming to assist the company in any possible administrative need such as local representation, expat labor permits, relocation issues related, professional translations, banking etc.


2.           Fiscal representative: representing the company at the Israeli tax authorities such as Income tax, VAT, Social security etc. as well as achieving pre-ruling tax settlements.


3.           Tax advisory: focusing on foreign entities tax issues, special tax benefits, tax structures, transfer pricing and related issues.


4.           Accounting & auditing: preparation of local financial reports as well as annual tax reports.


5.           Commercial advisory: preparation of business plans and analyzing trends of Israeli industries.


6.           Due diligence & in-depth valuations processes: via our excellent business partners, performing these tasks.


7.           Banking services & finance advisory: Assisting the company to receive competitive rates and leverage certain projects. Enabling global entities to transfer funds and having them exempted from withholding tax (as far as possible).

Gal Oger & Co. c.p.a team, has an impressive track record in the foreign company sector, including a few German companies,

Providing professional service to both individuals and multi-billion conglomerates doing business in Israel.

we would be delighted to set up a meeting (free of charge), to further elaborate how to assist your business in Israel.

Contact details:

Gal Oger & Co C.P.A (ISR.)

56 Mazeh St.

P.O. Box 14058
Tel-Aviv 6114001, Israel
Tel: +972-3-5606859; Fax: +972-3-5606851