Energy Efficiency Pays off

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03/15/2017 | 10:00 AM
- 03:00 PM
Kiryat HaMemshala Tel Aviv, Conference Meeting Room 102, Menahem Begin Rd. 125, 1st floor

Interactive Training Workshop on the Israeli Energy Management System (EnMS)

If you are interested, please send an email to eu.isr.ger.rtaa(at)

Guidance documents on energy management, written up by energy efficiency experts of the Twinning project issue can be found here

Small and medium-size companies as well as hotels and other service providers can get more from less with a simplified Energy Management. This has been developed as an adapted and tailored approach to reduce energy consumption in organizations (EnMS).

The drafts of the manuals have been elaborated in the Twinning project during the last year and now these documents are available here:

  • Introduction to the Guidance Documents on Energy Management
  • Horizontal Guidance on the adapted Energy Management
  • Vertical Guidance on the Beverage Production ( Fruit Juice)
  • Vertical Guidance on Hotels, Accommodation and Restaurants

Effective Energy Management helps you to cut your energy consumption and costs. This is great for both: your business and the environment. The EnMS can be adapted to all organizations and outlines best energy management practices. You can start benefiting today.

The Workshop will provide the following opportunities and gains for your business:

 You can learn about key issues such as:

  • How to save Energy Cost  by implementing the facilitated  ‘Mini’ Energy Management  System (adapted EnMS)
  • To learn the easily applicable Excel Tool to step into the implementation of EnMS during the Interactive Workshop
  • How to reduce the bureaucratic burden by delivering a validated self-declaration of the successful implementation of the EnMS and the energy reductions to be achieved.
  • How to access possible public financial contributions or grants demonstrating as example the situation in Germany and  European Union Member States

You will take home a lot of benefits:

  • a developed Energy Management System  to be applied with reasonable efforts and without needing a technical background
  • practical examples for some industry and service sectors which could be used as a template for your own EnMS by inserting your respective and proprietary data
  • you can implement this EnMS in your business and fulfill by that the basic prerequisite for the application for grants and financial contributions

You will obtain a Certificate upon successful attendance in the workshop.

  • The Organizers will certify your successful participation specify the contents and objectives of this Workshop
  • You might use this for your business purposes ,e.g.:
  1. display at your business location
  2. CV and job applications
  3. To support your access as a shortlisting candidate for applying  public grants or financial contributions but also in Business-to-Business relation (Quality Management)